Achieving Results

Measuring Success

Coalitions can measure their impact in a variety of ways. One of the most commonly used measurements is data. The Coalition collects, analyzes, and shares data each year as evidence of the success of many of its efforts. In addition to data, the Coalition’s projects and initiatives showcase how it addresses needs and its capacity to achieve results.  Stakeholder participation and engagement in those initiatives illustrate their importance and the Coaltiion’s ability to mobilize and engage the broader community. Partnerships demonstrate credibility and effectiveness, and media coverage is a way to showcase the coalition’s visibility and its role in shaping public awareness. A sampling of some of these methods can be found below. 

FY 23 at a Glance

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individuals reached through SIFamilies
children documented as screened

Documenting Results

At the annual meeting in April, the Coalition provided stakeholders with a comprehensive report for the Coalition’s work from July 2019- June 2022. Find a copy of the report here. In addition to the Coalition’s annual report, the Screening Collaborative releases a Regional Screening Activities report each September.

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Showcasing Our Work

As Field Catalysts We Have Impacted Community Change

Coalition members helped to facilitate the launch of two Children’s Cabinets during FY 23. The Johnson County Cabinet for Children and Youth and the Carbondale Community Cabinet for Children and Youth both were launched in the Fall of 2022. These two groups are convening local stakeholders to build their communities’ capacity to support children and families. 

While the Coalition did not have a direct role in its inception, it is important to note that Eldorado also has a Children’s Cabinet under the leadership of Dr. Matt Buckman, the Mayor and the School Superintendent. For more information contact Dr. Buckman at the Stress and Trauma Treatment Center.

Parents and Teachers Have a New Shared Understanding of School Readiness


School Readiness means children possess the skills, knowledge, and social-emotional development necessary for school, later learning, and life

In collaboration with the region’s early childhood educators and kindergarten teachers, members of the School Readiness Action Team created a  comprehensive Kindergarten Readiness checklist.

In addition, the Coalition assembled a group of Kindergarten “ experts” to assist Action Team members in their work.



In response to the interests and needs of its members, the Screening Collaborative facilitated a community practice before every meeting that was open to all early childhood professionals.A total of 56 early childhood professionals participated in the community of practice.

More Children Are Being Screened with Support and Tools for Teachers

With grant funds from Birth to Five Illinois and in partnership with CCR&R,  the Coalition was able to expand its screening efforts by hiring a consultant to help child care centers “reboot” their screening efforts,” increasing the number o child care centers actively doing screening by 60%. In 2023, a total of 2263 children were screened using the ASQ-online system. This represents a 73.6% increase from the previous year. 

Over 5664 (29.4%) children ages 0-5 yrs of age have been documented as screened in the region. The Coalition is continuing to work with the medical community to find ways to harness their data to make our reporting more complete/

Family Resource Workers Have Access to More Information &Tools to Do Their Jobs

The Coalition’s Connect 4 Success Family Resource Network was successfully launched in October 2022. 

The purpose of the network is to provide support, training, and resources to individuals that act as Family

Navigators in their jobs, connecting families to essential resources. 123 professionals from across the region participated in two network meetings during Fy 23. The Strong Families Action also worked to develop a comprehensive email database so the Coalition can serve as a communications hub for the region and completed a review of the sifamilies website and social media account for effectiveness and possible improvements.


Families Have Multiple Ways to Connect to Information and Resources

Through our family outreach efforts SIFamilies Connect we were able to connect thousands of families with information and resources.

462 unique individuals visited our website (11% increase)
17,819 page views ( 3% increase)
11,688 unique individuals reached through our Facebook page ( 23.5% increase)
34.5% increase in “ new likes” to our Facebook page

More People Know About the Importance and Value of Being a Teacher in ECE

Region's Early Childhood Ambassadors Help to Recruit New Teachers to Profession

After an application and selection process facilitated by members of the  Coalition’s Workforce Action Team, nine Early Childhood Ambassadors were chosen to share their personal experiences about the value of choosing early childhood as a profession.

Be a Changemaker for Children Video segments were produced in the Spring with airing on a variety of media outlets beginning in mid-May.

An official launch celebration  ” at the Thrillbillies stadium in June where the public viewed the segments on the Big Screen.

We're Working with Community Partners to Connect Kids to High Quality Programs

EARLY LEARNING MATTERS provides the framework for the Coalition’s initiatives/ activities designed to promote access to high quality early childhood programs, beneficial to helping children become ready for school. Current Coalition activities include:

Child Find

Promoting, participating and providing support to community Child Find events designed to connect children withhigh-quality programs

Coming in FY24.... Books, Balls, and Blocks Pop-Up Screening Events in Your Community

Information for Families

Current Coalition activities include: a county-specific brochure that identifies early learning options, and dissemination of ExceleRate materials to assist families in making informed choices