ASQ Online/Family Access

Ages and Stages Questionnaire

To increase access, efficiency, consistency and data collection, the Coalition uses a tool called ASQ Online. This web-based ASQ option helps programs save time and ensure accurate ASQ implementation. Coalition partners are given a special user ID and can access this tool after signing an agreement and being trained on its usage.
Each program using the tool also identifies a main contact person who is identified as the program’s Screening Coordinator. In addition, any family living in the souther fifteen counties can access ASQ online through the Family Access portal to check in on their child’s development.

ASQ Online has automated scoring, a helpful reminder system and communication materials for programs to use. The Coalition also offers ASQ Family Access ‘to give parents an easy, secure option for online questionnaire.
ASQ Online lets our region collect, manage and analyze data for planning, decision making and funding pursuits. It also allows us to create aggregate multisite reports that show trends across programs.

Benefits of ASQ Online

Organize their screening and monitoring program
Create and manage child and program records
Manage data
Get automated questionnaire selection
Reduce scoring errors and improve over/under referral rates with automated scoring
Store results and follow-up decisions in child records
Track when a child needs to be screened again
Analyze results with individual child report and overall program reports
Quickly access activities parents can try at home to encourage child progress