Connect 4 Success

Connect 4 Success Family Resource Network

Launched in October 2022, the Coalition’s Connect 4 Success Family Resource Network Network is  a “Network for You, By You” . Network members  are an actively engaged and committed group of educators, social service providers, child welfare representatives and community leaders who meet on a regular basis to network, learn and share information with the intent of strengthening their work and promoting better outcomes for southern Illinois families.  


The Network meetings  are held  a minimum of 3 times per year. . The meetings include opportunities  to network, share rsources and work together on systems building and problem solving.


For more information about the Connect 4 Success Network contact

If you have any questions about how to access the Network’s Communication hub, please feel free to contact us at

Connect 4 Information Communication Hub

Members of the Connect 4 Success Family Resource Network are dedicated to connecting families with information and resources that empower them for success. To that end, the Southern Illinois Coalition for Children and Families ( the Network’s Facilitator) has begun the assembly of an extensive email database ( over 1700 emails to date) for the primary purpose of sharing resources that are useful to professionals and information/ flyers, etc. to disseminate to families. This email list/ service is very similar to that provided by SIH and the Healthy Communities Coalitions. We encourage agencies or programs to continue to share information through their network so have concentrated the assembly of our database to different sectors. The emails can be sorted by county, CCR&R region, Birth to Five regions and town. They can also be sorted by sector. Current sector emails include child care, PreK, Prevention Initiatives, Head Start, Elementary School Superintendents, Elementary School Principals, elementary school social workers, elementary school nurses, Directors of Health Departments, some WIC nurses, the University of Illinois Extension staff and libraries. Some smaller collections that need further development include Workforce Development, Higher Education, Mental health professionals, healthcare, ECEC professionals, county board members, city staff, and child welfare workers. We hope our members will help grow this database to help our reach be as complete as possible.

To utilize the email database, a program just needs to forward the information they wish to share to the Network’s email at  along with the item(s) they wish to be shared with others along with the target audience. We ask that programs send the information they wish to be shared at least 3 days’ notice before an item is to be forwarded.

We will not review or edit information.

All information will be forwarded with a statement about the initiating program and/ or agency. We will not forward information about fundraising events, sales of products, or something that is contrary to the mission and values of the Network and the Coalition. We reserve the right to make that determination and not forward the submitted materials If this is the case, we will notify the submitting organization as soon as possible

We encourage Network members and others to utilize this valuable communication resource and ask that they assist in helping build the email database so we can be as effective as possible.


If you have any questions about how to access the Network’s Communication hub, please feel free to contact us at 

Strong Families Action Team

Brigitte Mac-Rizzo- Jackson County Housing Authority
Courtney Hatcher, Project CHILD, Rend Lake College
David Mills- Centerstone
Edrica McDowell- Centerstone
Ginger Meyer- SIU School of Medicine,  Children’s Medical Network
​Jennifer Bruner- Resilieent SI
Joyce Guy- SIUC Head Start
Lindsey Yordy- Stress and Trauma Treatment Center
Shannon Starrick- ROE 30
​Sonja Culley- Williamson County Educational Services
Toni K Wright- University of Illinois Extension
Tracey Elliott- DCFS
Lori Longueville- SICCF Coordinator

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SI Families Connect

SI Families  Connect is the Coalition’s outreach and education campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to connect families with information and resources that help make their families stronger and their lives better. 


Platforms for information dissemination include a robust collaborative family website, press releases, public services announcements, social media pages, text messages and emails. 

The website includes an events calendar, parenting articles, resources, a family yellow pages. Parents can sign up for specialized text messages or emails as well a special giveaways.


Through its Strong Families Action Team, coalition members are implementing several region-wide strategies to help make our goal a reality.