Before the pandemic, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE release a report stating that as few 24% of kindergarteners were ready for school. Regional rates vary only slightly.

During the strategic plan process, school readiness continued to be raised as a significant concern by the region's stakeholders.

Screening is the first step in the early identification of children at risk for cognitive, motor, communication, or social-emotional delays.

These delays may interfere with a child’s expected growth, learning, and development. These delays may also warrant further diagnosis, assessment, and evaluation. When screening results indicate a concern they should be followed by a thorough assessment before appropriate interventions and supports can be recommended. 

Screening can take place in a variety of settings.  Without effective coordination,  some children are screened more than needed while other children who  may need services can often slip through the cracks.

Coordinating  a well Integrated, community-wide screening and early detection/child find systems help prevent this from happening. 

As part of their participation in the Southern Illinois Screening Collaborative Action Team, Coalition members are working together to  create such a system for our region so that all children are screened

Developmental Screening in the Community
Developmental Screening for Program Eligibility
Developmental Screening in Early Education
Developmental Screening by Health Professionals

​For more information about the Collaborative or to learn more about developmental screening call 1-800-548-5563.