Ready Freddy

Preschoolers can feel excited—and a bit worried, too. Families have similar feelings, knowing their child is going to the “big school.” Preschool teachers want the children in their classrooms to be ready for kindergarten." NAEYC

Going to kindergarten is an important life event!

Transitioning into Kindergarten is a big step for children and their parents. When it is successful, a child is more likely to feel confident and secure, with greater chance for school success. To assist in promoting school readiness, the Coalition has adopted the use of the Ready Freddy Kindergarten Readiness program. An initiative of the University of Pittsburgh Office of Child Development, the Ready Freddy project was designed with an emphasis on preparing families and young children for the transition to kindergarten. It utilizes efficient and effective outreach strategies, working with schools, families, and communities. It is unique in that the program works to bring together all the necessary elements and participants for a quality transition.

​In the Spring of 2015, Herrin Community School District launched the region’s first Ready Freddy Kindergarten transition initiative.
Since that time the initiative has expanded to include Carterville Unit 5, Carbondale District 95 and Unity Point School districts.

Beginning in the Spring, each district sponsors a sequence of special activity nights for children (and their parents) who will be entering kindergarten in the Fall.

The Southern Illinois Coalition for Children and families has adopted the "Ready Freddy"approach to promote children's successful transition to school.

Elements of the Ready Freddy Program were developed over multiple years in collaboration with schools, parents, and community members. They are:

Transition Teams

Kindergarten Clubs

Parent Engagement

Welcoming Schools